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Railway Signalling Engineer

SAITEC was established in 2015 in Sweden and today operates on the Swedish market through Saitec

Engineering AB. The company has about 16 employees and is expanding rapidly. Among other

things, they opened an office in Lund in early July 2018.

SAITEC in Sweden is part of the SAITEC group of companies founded in Bilbao in 1988. The company

has more than 30 years of experience in the infrastructure and transport sector has been built up.

SAITEC is one of the most reputable technology consulting firms in Spain.

SAITEC is a medium-sized technology consulting company with a comprehensive range of services

that allows SAITEC to make end-to-end commitments. In addition, SAITEC covers everything from

early stages to construction site follow-up as well as operation and maintenance-related measures.

SAITEC is an international company with operations in Europe, Australia, the Middle East and South America.

SAITEC has established itself as a supplier on the Swedish market and works with both large and

small customers. Our core business is various types of infrastructure projects, which the Swedish

Transport Administration runs, among others.


SAITEC Engineering AB is expanding in Sweden with several projects and, above all, an interesting

future in the industry. The company’s solid references in the construction industry (road and rail) are

one of the foundations of our growth. We are a company with an inclusive and interdisciplinary

organization where communication is the base important for our business. Saitec is today a rapidly

growing company with 300 specialists globally and operates in several countries worldwide.

We at SAITEC are looking for

SAITEC is now looking for a Signal Expert for Railways to take on signal assignments. SAITEC offers

you a position as a Signal Expert with responsibility for planning/implementing both small and large

signal projects within the company in a stimulating environment. We see that you work with us at

our offices in Sickla, which are located right by Sickla Station on Tvärbanan. We are also open to other solutions.

You will work in a stimulating environment with Railway in close collaboration with our consultants

in other technical areas such as track, electricity, geotechnical engineering etc. In addition, you will

participate in the development of technical specifications, cost accounting, time and resource

planning, as well as participate in technology development. We are looking for creative people with

commitment and interest in personal and professional development.

We see that we have experience in railway design of both ATC and ERTMS systems. In addition, we

wish to know well the process of technical safety management. We see that you have a college

degree or equivalent experience.

Skills, knowledge, qualifications

● Good communication skills, knowledge of Swedish, good knowledge of English

● Detailed design experience of Railways

● College degree or equivalent.

● The desire to work in a consulting environment.

● Proactive and flexible with excellent communication skills.

● Have good insight into the approval process for railway projects.

● Have an interest in the planning process for road and rail projects.

● Has experience of working for the Swedish Transport Administration.

● Have at least 5-10 years of professional experience.


● Proactive and solution-oriented.

● Ability to work independently, systematically and structured

● Targeted and composed.

● Good communication skills and the ability to manage and motivate colleagues.

● Positive attitude.

● Responsible.


For more information about the position, contact Senior Recruitment Consultant Hans Forsslund at 076-8517029 or via


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